Saddle the Bridge

by Bonfire Madigan



"Vocalist and songwriter Madigan Shive is a powerhouse in her own world, and Bonfire Madigan’s latest release, Saddle the Bridge, sets out to prove Shive’s masterful dominance, just in case there were any doubters hanging on after BMad’s debut, ...from the Burnpile." —PopMatters

"No longer will demented minds have to wonder what might have occurred had P.J. Harvey been a cellist of compelling ability. Madigan Shive, a k a Bonfire Madigan, has shown us the way. Mind you, the only real comparisons to Harvey exist in Shive's wonderously soulful voice that seems to come from the depths, but there it is. You will play "Mad Skywriting" over and over again, for its funky syncopations that are effortlessly balanced with a droning cello melody, and Shive's irresistible singing. Ascending and plummeting through the scale, growling and bellowing, this damsel is bowing out some serious jams." — Chicago Sun-Times

"... she is astounding. A fifth-generation Washingtonian, Shive brings a deep sense of history and place to the Northwest music scene, and seeing her perform is a confirmation that this region is special, and continues to produce wonders." Grant Cogswell — The Stranger Seattle, WA.

"Downtrodden Up is my favorite track." — Elliott Smith


released March 28, 1999

Madigan Shive - vocals, cello, guitar on Downtrodden Up, cello plays percussion parts on Rachel's Song

Sheri Ozeki - contrabass, bells + whistles, additional vocals on Come Ask Her & Mad Skywriting

Tomas Palermo - drums, percussion

all songs writtien on, for & around the cello by Madigan Shive.
all songs recorded & mixed by Sheri Ozeki with Madigan
Except Come Ask Her, recorded & mixed by Blake Leyh
in LA or SF / Fall-Winter / 1999-2000
Rachel's songs lyrics from Kicking GIant (c) 1993 & melody theme from Vangelis (c) 1982
Middle spoken section of The Debut & Debauchery of Anna Magdelena from the poem My Mama Moved Among the Days by Lucille Clifton (c) 1969

*special thank you to the life & work of Arthur Russell 1951-1992

(c) MoonPuss Music 2000



all rights reserved


Bonfire Madigan San Diego, California

Singer-composer-vocalist Madigan Shive is Bessie Smith reincarnated as a punk rock cellist, as progressive and liberal as they come. Her powerful voice conveys irresistible emotion and her music creates a new language that is as ancient as the oldest Indian medicine woman and as modern as intergalactic space travel. — Tricia Halloran, "Brave New World" KCRW-FM ... more

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Track Name: Mad Skywriting
I am changing my name
I am burning my past
I'm laying yesterday to rest at last
I am owning these actions
then setting them aflame
I'm not sorry for who I am
or who you wanted me to be

I am skywriting this survival
I am sending this survival in a bottle to the stars
here now - hear this now
I am not sorry for being here now
hear now
I am not sorry cuz I've made it here now
hear now
there's no apologizing for being here now
hear now
be not sorry because you are here now

plant your feet in the ground
then take a stand
we're all human beings while we're falling down
bent over backwards to grab your hand
we are all human beings while we are hitting the ground

exsistence should be enough
exsistence could have been enough
exsistence should have been enough
exsistence should be enough
for love
exsistence should be enough to be loved

we are all deciding
what it means
to be human